Flexible Funding Systems for Complex Markets

FirstView’s expertise in designing, creating and implementing complex B2B and B2C payment solutions using its ProXe360 platform are particularly relevant for customers that operate in highly regulated industries such as alternative financial services and pharmaceutical affordability services. Our expertise is in B2B payments, complex reimbursement plans and loyalty programs where flexible funding management solutions which support both open-loop and closed-loop processing are required.


Powering Healthcare Affordability Solutions

FirstView provides key players along the patient journey with turnkey solutions that eliminate financial barriers and increase access to life-saving medications and critical healthcare services. Solutions powered by our ProXe360 platform help make healthcare more affordable to more patients meaning greater adherence and a healthier population.

Enabling Lending and Consumer Financial Services

Nearly 55% of Americans do not have the financial resources to manage a $400 unexpected expense. These Americans are typically underbanked and lack access to the financial resources they need to respond to these unexpected financial challenges. Non-bank lenders, consumer finance companies and neo-banks leverage ProXe360 and FirstView solutions to make funding available real-time and on-demand.


Business payments processed by check cost nearly $10 per check and exposes bank information, making accounts targets for fraudsters and hackers. Digital payment solutions speed payments, reduces costs and mitigates risk.

Prepaid Programs

We are true program partners, combining industry-leading capabilities and expertise with our state-of-the-art ProXe360 platform. We excel at delivering highly customized and complex programs that other providers simply cannot.