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Forward-thinking solutions for patient affordability


Converting from paper and plastic to mobile-digital
We’re providing our partners with the ability to better differentiate with a stronger value proposition. With the elimination of complex and custom pharmacy claims processing rules, we’re optimizing the payment experience.


Evolving from processing claims to managing costs
We’re helping our partners avoid industry threats stemming from accumulator and maximizer programs by providing more complete data earlier in the patient journey. Our forward-looking platform supports changing market conditions. We empower our partners by providing the ability to quickly adapt to shifting needs and new initiatives.


Transforming from point-of-sale discounts to patient financial wellness
Focusing strictly on single prescription transactions is no longer enough. We’re creating tools for patients that are customized by their ability to pay and focused on a more holistic view of financial wellness.

We serve a broad range of pharmaceutical and healthcare clients ranging from hub service providers and copay program managers to specialty pharmacies and payors including:

Copay Rx claims processing
Hub services
Rx payment processing management
Accumulator and specialty pharma processing
Direct patient programs
Patient assistance programs
Rx sampling
Rebates and reimbursements

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