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ProXe360®: Provider engagement

We understand that as a provider, patients and their care are your top priority. Your success in delivering a frictionless and engaging claims processing and payment experience begins and ends with your ability to partner with an industry-leading solutions provider with the capabilities to design a program that meets your unique needs. Our state-of-the-art ProXe360 portal provides our clients with the flexibility to brand the experience, instilling trust through a consistent and integrated look and feel. By providing the capability to manage access to modules and functionality through role-based user profiles, ProXe360 also includes the ability to create, fund, and distribute virtual debit cards or process digital payments directly from the portal.

In addition to our self-service portal, we have an Atlanta-based client service team that provides inbound and outbound support with cloud-based systems, complete with geo-diverse redundancy to ensure consistent availability for any need.

Engagement features

Enrollment and identity verification

Account lifecycle management

Provider support

Fraud, waste, and abuse monitoring

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