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Solving abandonment with custom solutions


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From pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) negotiated pricing to poor formulary positioning, we’re addressing financial barriers that exist throughout the healthcare ecosystem, often preventing patients from accessing treatments. Our custom and partner-centric solutions are reducing abandonment among providers, prescribers, pharmacies, and ultimately patients. We couldn’t be prouder to partner in your quest to solve the growing problem of abandonment and are as invested as you in increasing patient access, affordability, and adherence to therapies.1



PBM negotiated prices frequently cause pharmacy abandonment.
We’re reclaiming abandoned pharmacy fills by calculating how much a pharmacy is under-reimbursed and making a dynamic cost-of-product adjustment to ensure the fill. Pharmacies then receive the manufacturer-funded rebate based on the adjustment.



Poor formulary positioning leads to higher copays, which results in patient abandonment. We’re recovering claims with the implementation of a private network of participating pharmacies and predefined program rules that allow the manufacturer to buy down a portion of the patient responsibility.



Commercially insured patients without coverage lead to abandonment. We’re recapturing lost claims with the ability to offer manufacturer-specified pricing to pharmacies and patients. Pharmacies dispense from consigned inventory and are reimbursed by the manufacturer.

1 Based on internal FirstView Financial study. 

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