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Debit cards

The financial landscape in healthcare is continually changing. With consistently rising healthcare costs and the increased consumer demand for digital solutions, there’s a growing need to evolve from point-of-sale transactions to a more robust and holistic patient financial services model. Our forward-looking platform is supporting today’s quickly evolving market conditions by helping our partners create better differentiation through digital financial wellness tools, deliver enhanced payment experiences, and solve challenges posed by new industry regulations.

Debit cards are issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank ©2014. FirstView serves as program manager and card processer.

Increasing patients’ ability to get and stay on therapy


ProXepay supports manufacturer programs with the use of debit cards that seamlessly demonstrate the full benefit of their assistance is enjoyed by the patient. We dynamically fund the exact amount a patient owes for a sponsored medication on the debit cards, enabling real-time copay payments that remove financial barriers for patients who cannot afford out-of-pocket expenses.

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